Evan Mathis slams NFL writer’s “sources” regarding potential contract information

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Free agent guard Evan Mathis is looking for work right now, and with the NFL season around the corner, many suspect he’ll sign a new deal soon.

Benjamin Albright, a radio host from Denver whose work has previously been featured on ESPN, Yahoo! and Fox Sports, reported on a potential deal for Evans with the Kansas City Chiefs. He noted the Chiefs were “definitely in play” for Mathis’ services this year and that the potential deal would include guarantees of up to $20 million.

Let’s just say Mathis doesn’t necessarily agree with Albright’s sources.

He took to Twitter in response to Albright’s report, saying “Whatever drugs your source is on must be some good s**t.”

Being the man at the center of all this, we’re going with Mathis’ take on the matter.

Besides, it’s hard to imagine any team offering a 33-year-old guard that kind of guaranteed cash. Nobody will argue he’s a darn good player, and one of the best guards in the business, but that kind of guaranteed money is reserved for men with more gas left in their tanks.

Mathis likely has a couple good years left in him before he’s ready to retire, and as good as he is he isn’t worth $10 million per year.

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