ESPN’s Britt McHenry Gets Invited to Discuss Anti-Bullying to Elementary School Students

ESPN’s Britt McHenry verbally bashed an parking lot clerk just a couple of days ago while paying for her car to be taken out of impound. The entire incident was caught on camera for all to see just how insulting McHenry was to the office attendant. McHenry’s rant was directed at the clerk’s physical appearance and assumed level of education. She certainly takes ‘mean girls’ to a whole new level. We can only imagine who’s in her burn book.

Since the incident was exposed, McHenry was suspended by ESPN for a week – a time period many feel is not enough for her rude, demeaning behavior.

Nevertheless, she has been invited by her minor league baseball hometown to speak on anti-bullying, of all things to a group of 1,000 elementary school students (via TMZ). Considering what many would believe was bullying spewing from McHenry’s mouth to the parking lot clerk, she makes an interesting candidate to choose to address children on the subject.

Perhaps to save face with the public, McHenry should consider taking the school up on their offer.

Photo: USA Today Images