ESPN subscribers continue to plummet

By Vincent Frank

It could be the sports landscape in today’s society or something completely different, but ESPN continues to lose subscribers at a ridiculous clip.

According to Nielsen, ESPN lost 450,000-plus more subscribers from June to July.

Some of this has to do with the competition on cable television and the Internet as an alternative for sports fans.

Though, one has to wonder whether the continued loss of the network’s most-notable personalities has played a role in this.

ESPN has also found itself under fire a great deal recently, as it’s changed from a pure news outlet to more opinion-orientated programming in recent years.

It had previously been reported that ESPN lost more than 1.5 million subscribers from February to June (more on that here).

ESPN is going to have to change its programming or this is bound to continue moving forward, setting into motion continued struggles for the “sports leader.”

Either way you spin it, this is not good news for the powers to be in Bristol, who have had to make up for revenue shortfalls with multiple layoffs over the past couple years.