ESPN fantasy football flub sets off social media fire storm

By Rachel Wold
Apr 1, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA; ESPN television truck has the various camera angles pulled up on the monitor screens before the start of the McDonalds High School All American Games at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The ESPN fantasy football app, as well as the desktop version, crashed at the worst possible time. Fantasy football owners haven’t been able to access any of the services since before the games began.

People are outraged as a result. We cannot check our scores. Even worse is if the app doesn’t come up before the next series of games, we cannot make player changes.

ESPN issued an apology. But, that’s not exactly cutting it at this time.

Thankfully, while many are outraged, there are many among us who have managed to retain a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Here are some of our favorite responses to how people are handling this.