Four reasons why Eric Thames breaking MLB HR record isn’t so crazy

Eric Thames deserves to be one of the first-time MLB All-Stars in 2017

Eric Thames is on fire. In fact, he’s hotter than fire. A trip to the Sun would feel downright chilly compared to standing next to Eric Thames. The Milwaukee Brewers slugger is mashing baseballs at a record pace.

On Monday, he belted two home runs against the Cincinnati Reds, bringing his season total up to 10.

Baseball logic says that Thames will cool down. The rational part of everyone’s brain says he’ll cool down. At this point, he could cool down and still have a fantastic 35-40 home run season.

With that in mind, we could¬†logically say that he won’t come anywhere near the home run record and be done.

But where’s the fun in that?

Logic may say that a home run record (73 for those of us who have short memories) is out of the realm of possibility. But there are also reasons — rational reasons — why chasing the home run record is realistic.¬†We’d prefer to talk about those.

If you want to start a good baseball argument with your friends, walk up to them and say proudly that Thames will break the single season home run record in 2017. When they ask you why, this is what you’ll tell them.