Eric Reid subjected to seventh ‘random’ drug test from NFL after ‘MNF’

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Reid has played in 11 games with the Carolina Panthers this year since being picked up as a free agent due to injuries. Since then, he’s been subjected to seven drug tests by the league office, which continues to assert that these are “random” tests.

Reid posted a picture of the note that the league left in his locker for him to find when Monday night’s game against New Orleans was concluded.


Really, this is absurd.

Reid has never once tested positive for a banned substance and you can be darn well sure he never will due to the need he has to prove himself clean beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Yet he’s clearly being targeted by the league, which has a problem with the fact that he continues to kneel during the playing of the national anthem.

Perhaps this time, it was his cleats that the league didn’t approve of.

Whatever it is, these tests are anything but random.