Eric Dickerson excited about attending games now that Jeff Fisher is gone

The feud between Eric Dickerson and former Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher may have contributed in part to the end result of Fisher being fired. We’ll never know.

What we do know is that Dickerson is thrilled to once again watch Rams games from the sidelines now that Fisher is no longer there.

Dickerson made the valid point that when players are giving up on the coach, it’s time to move on. And there can be no doubt the Rams had lost their passion to play for Fisher.

After Week 13, tight end Lance Kendricks said the continued losing felt “like a broken record.” Then after Sunday’s embarrassing loss to the Atlanta Falcons, running back Todd Gurley said the Rams looked “like a middle school offense” and said some players had mailed in the season already.

Before Monday’s news that the Rams had let Fisher walk, Dickerson vowed to never attend another Rams game until the coach was no longer with the organization (more on that here).

Now he’s excited to get back into the flow with the organization that drafted him. And, we imagine he’s not alone in that sentiment.