Emmitt Smith Backs out as Judge on Miss USA Pageant

By Rachel Wold

Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith is one of the most recent parties to cut ties with Donald Trump by backing out as one of the judges in the upcoming Miss USA Pageant.

Smith joins other high-profile celebrities such as Cheryl Burke of Dancing with the Stars, pop artist Flo Rida and Roselyn Sanchez to abandoned the Donald’s Miss USA Pageant. This follows suit with Univision and NBC breaking ties with Trump as well.

Trump rubbed a few too many people the wrong way this week when he made derogatory and racist remarks against Mexican immigrants.

Smith released this statement about backing out as a judge for the Miss USA Pageant:

Insisting the pageant must go on, Trump lashed out with this (via inquisitr.com):

“We have 50 of the most lovely women you have ever seen right now in Louisiana, and they have been abandoned by NBC, and abandoned by Univision. And I’m going to work it out so that the show goes on. But they have been totally abandoned. Their parents are there, their families are there. These are fabulous young women, and NBC didn’t even think about that when they did it. And I told them, I said ‘how can you do this to these wonderful women,’ I mean, they’re young women, and they have been crushed… It’s a very sad thing. [NBC and Univision] could have put this on, and we are going to have the pageant anyway.”

Smith surely won’t be the last in a long line of those who have already had it up to their eyebrows with Trump’s comments.

You can read the comments that caused the firestorm here.

Photo: USA Today Sports