Eli Manning wants to be the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL

By Rachel Wold

The NFL now has another player who wants to be paid more than any other.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who is on track to be a free agent after this season, reportedly has his sights set on a massive future payday.

Apparently, Manning needs to start somewhere in his negotiations. Last season, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was the highest paid among his position and earned approximately $22 million.

News breaking of Manning’s current contract status is not completely surprising considering San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers just landed a four-year extension worth $83.25 million.

It would appear the two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback is looking to land a contract that pays more than the $20.8 million annual average Rivers is scheduled to make.

Paul Schwartz of The New York Postprovided this interesting perspective regarding Manning and the Giants:

“It may behoove the Giants to allow their franchise quarterback to play out his current deal, despite the unwanted lame-duck status that would hover over his 2015 season.”

Manning’s 2014 season was outstanding. He posted the second-highest yardage (4,410) and second-most touchdowns (30) in his career. He also completed 63.1 percent of his passes, which is up nearly six percent from his stinker of a 2013 season.

It will be interesting to monitor Manning’s situation to see if the Giants take the wait-and-see approach this season or if they sign him before the start of the season. New York has reportedly targeted that date, hoping to have him locked up for years to come rather than deal with free agency in 2016.

Additionally, the Giants have to deal with defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, who has yet to sign his franchise tag and also scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in 2016.

Paying both players what they believe they’re worth or what the market commands could put a huge dent into the team’s salary cap next year.