Eli Manning: Odell Beckham Jr. put ‘too much pressure on himself’ in playoff loss

Eli Manning doesn’t seem to think Odell Beckham Jr.’s trip to Miami was to blame for his no-show performance in the Wild Card Round. Instead, the New York Giants quarterback believes OBJ put too much pressure on himself to play his best game against the Green Bay Packers.

In all honesty, Manning has a really good point.

Beckham Jr. runs extremely hot. Too hot at times, if we’re being honest. His sideline explosion earlier this year (watch here) and fights with Josh Norman in 2015 (watch here) are two clear-cut examples of his hot temper getting the best of him on the field.

And the fact that the young receiver was reportedly banging his head against his locker and put his fist through a wall after Sunday’s game is even more evidence that his emotions are too overpowering at times.


Some of the best players in NFL history ran hot like this. But they had to learn to temper their emotions so as to not hurt their teams.

Too often in his young and prolific NFL career, Beckham Jr. has hurt his team because of his emotions. This led Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis to say OBJ can be cancerous to his team (more on that here).

There isn’t a more talented player in the league than Beckham Jr. When his mind is right, he pulls off feats that leave us all with our jaws on the ground. But when his emotions get the better of him, he too often becomes a liability.