Eli Apple can’t cook? Ezekiel Elliott and others rush to his defense

By Jesse Reed

Apparently Eli Apple can’t cook, which is some kind of red flag to one anonymous NFL scout.

Bob McGinn’s pre-draft write-ups are always full of interesting nuggets, and this year’s edition is no different. In it, a scout rips Apple for reasons that defy logic:

“I worry about him because of off-the-field issues,” the scout said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “The kid has no life skills. At all. Can’t cook. Just a baby. He’s not first round for me. He scares me to death.”

Right…because the ability to serve up a gourmet feast is ridiculously important.

In reality, the scout’s concerns appear to be about the fact that Apple is 20. Take a random look into the life of an average 20-year-old athlete and you’re likely to find a young kid who’s best kitchen skills involve the microwave and boiling water for Top Ramen.

With that in mind, just check out some of the responses Apple got via Twitter. Fellow 2016 NFL Draft entrants and teammates of Apple’s at Ohio State Ezekiel Elliott and Darron Lee got into the action:


Super Bowl-winning Denver Broncos cornerback (also from Ohio State) Bradley Roby also jumped into the action with this gem:

And here’s his mom, Annie Apple, with the haymaker:

When scouts have to resort to criticizing a 20-year-old young man’s ability to cook, then maybe there just isn’t anything negative to say when it comes to the player on a personal level.

For what it’s worth, we’re betting NFL teams could care less about whether Apple can thrill in the kitchen. He’s a first-round talent and will certainly be drafted as such.