EJ Manuel: ‘I’m good where I’m at with the Bills’

EJ Manuel is running out of opportunities to impact the Buffalo Bills, but the third-year quarterback hasn’t reached the point where he wants out of Western New York.

According to ESPN’s Mike Rodak, Manuel said he’s content with his current situation:

“I’m good where I’m at right now with the Bills. … I’m not sure [if being on a different team would be better]. For right now, I’m in my current place. I’m still here with the Bills. I want to be a part of this team and I want to help us win.”

Manuel added he’s confident another chance will arrive and is focused on contributing whenever that time comes. He said:

“The league works in mysterious ways sometimes, and it’s a business. I know that opportunity is going to come and I’ll be ready to go.”

Tyrod Taylor ultimately won Buffalo’s quarterback competition, and Manuel appeared to hold onto the second-string gig solely because it was smarter for the team to shed Matt Cassel’s contract. However, the Bills brought back Cassel on an incentive-laden deal, and the veteran is now Taylor’s backup.

Manuel made a smart decision with his words, because his value has never been lower. If a potentially interested franchise heard Manuel express discontent with anyone involved with the Buffalo organization, he might be viewed as a mediocre quarterback who talks too much and isn’t worth the hassle.

At this point, anything Manuel can do to protect his already-bleak future in the NFL is the proper choice.