Eddie Lacy’s weight incentives are very reasonable

The Seattle Seahawks want Eddie Lacy to be big, but not too big, so┬áit’s not surprising he has weight incentives built into his contract.

Now we have a good picture about what those incentives entail, and they are quite reasonable.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said Wednesday, “I want him big.” This was in response to the idea that Lacy should get below 240 pounds, which Carroll views as unreasonable for a player of his size.

One report indicated that Lacy weighed as much as 267 pounds as recently as last week, which would appear to be the case given this incentive program. He had ankle surgery during the season and likely put on a significant amount of weight as he lay idle.

Asking him to get down to 255 pounds by May, 250 during the months of June and August and then below 245 pounds during the season is a very smart, reasonable approach. Whether he pulls it off is completely up to him.