Ed Orgeron: Hiring Matt Canada was a mistake

Ed Orgeron
Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

LSU celebrated the arrival of offensive coordinator Matt Canada, but head coach Ed Orgeron doesn’t have fond memories of the one-year relationship.

At SEC Media Days, per Ron Higgins on NOLA.com, the LSU boss asserted that hiring Canada was a mistake.

“Here’s the deal: It’s tough when you make a mistake. But it’s even tougher not to admit you made a mistake. Just wasn’t a good fit. I had to do what I thought was best for the LSU program. So that’s why I did it.”

Orgeron garnered plenty of national praise when he plucked Canada and his motion-heavy offense from Pitt. However, the relationship between the coaches crumbled as Orgeron admitted he was meddling in the offense.

After the season ended, LSU and Canada parted ways and reached a $1.7 million buyout. Orgeron then replaced him with Steve Ensminger, the interim OC of 2016.

Orgeron wants to run a classic (read: not modern) offense, and Ensminger’s system fits the mold. Perhaps it could work. We can’t predict the future perfectly.

But it’s within reason Orgeron’s greatest mistake will be his refusal to adapt to Canada.