Earl Campbell ‘disappointed’ in Johnny Manziel, wants to help

Johnny Manziel

In an interview with ESPN’s Tania Ganguli, former Heisman Trophy winner and Hall of Famer Earl Campbell spoke about Johnny Manziel.

The legendary running back expressed his disappointment but also said he wants to help the troubled young quarterback.

In the interview, Campbell also elaborated on what specifically he’d tell the troubled quarterback.

“I would tell him that I used to be 23 years old. At one point I had Texas in the palm of my hand as far as an athlete. At a very young age, my mother said it’s not so important what you do now, it’s what you do over your lifetime. Johnny’s gonna be just like me eventually. He’s going to sit down and have a chance to sit down and talk to people. Is he going to be remembered for [his problems] or is he going to be remembered for a guy that did like Von Miller. Got up off the carpet and did something about it.”

Truthfully, Manziel should take help from anyone that wants to help him.

It’s wonderful to see someone with the prestige and standing in the game as Earl Campbell who is so open about wanting to help.

Manziel has had a terrible offseason professionally and even worse, personally. His father, Paul, has openly stated that he questions whether his son will see his 24th birthday in December.

Ultimately, whether Manziel takes Campbell, or anyone else, up on the offer to help is 100 percent up to him. But it’s highly encouraging that people who certainly don’t owe Manziel anything are out there still and want to lend their hands in support.