Each NFL team’s 2018 season, summed up in .gif form

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Huge surprises and tragic failures

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 NFL season has, to nobody’s surprise, offered a ton of excitement, some huge surprises and some tragic failures.

Every season is unique, and this one threw some particularly interesting curve balls at fans across the nation. It has been a ton of fun to watch for those of us who are emotionally detached and observe from an objective point of view. For those who are die-hard fans, it’s been a bit more volatile.

With that in mind, it’s time to have some fun with a lighthearted look at each team’s season, summed up in .gif form.


Dallas Cowboys

Could this really be the year the Cowboys take a deep run at a Super Bowl title? Things sure are looking up as of late, and suddenly Jerry Jones is looking like the executive of the year.


New York Giants

If not for Saquon Barkley doing some absurd stuff on a regular basis (like this), Big Blue would be in much, much worse shape than it is.


Philadelphia Eagles

Folks, the Super Bowl hangover is real.


Washington Redskins

Every year is a season of sadness for Washington and its fans, it seems. This one, in particular, was brutal thanks to a string of awful injuries.


Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen can throw that football, probably further than anyone else in the NFL. Where the ball goes after it leaves his hand is anyone’s guess. But it’s always an adventure.


Miami Dolphins

What a roller coaster. The Miami Miracle is just the latest example of what it’s like to be Dolphins fan these days.


New England Patriots

You thought this team was toast? You thought it was finally the year Tom Brady went the way of Peyton Manning and completely lost his marbles? Think again. The Pats are still dangerous, and they’re still the most hated team in the league.


New York Jets

Todd Bowles is probably gone, and for good reason. But my goodness this team has been through the ringer in terms of injuries, pain and anguish.


Chicago Bears

The Bears are extremely dangerous on defense, featuring the most formidable unit in the NFL heading into the home stretch. Though, that offense can be dangerous, too — for the Bears or their opponent, depending on the week.


Detroit Lions

So, things haven’t gone exactly according to plan in Mike Patricia’s first (and maybe last?) season at the helm in Detroit. Given what happened before the season even began, we should have seen this coming.


Green Bay Packers

A team many thought could make a charge at the title, Green Bay has been a spectacular train wreck all year, leading to the firing of a Super Bowl-winning head coach while the playoffs were still technically in reach. Yeesh.


Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins was supposed to be the guy who pushed Minnesota over the hump. The Vikings were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders. Yeah, not so much.


Baltimore Ravens

It’s all about Lamar Jackson, baby. He’s not been close to perfect. But his insertion into the starting lineup revitalized a team that looked to be cooked. He’s clearly the future, and as of now, he’s the present, too.


Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield has some big, brass ones, ladies and gentlemen. His bravado — not to mention skill and competitive nature — have the Browns inching close to playoff contention.


Cincinnati Bengals

Marvin Lewis is still the head coach in Cincinnati. And the Bengals hired Hue Jackson to help him. Do we need to say more?


Pittsburgh Steelers

For a while there, it sure looked like the Steelers really didn’t need Le’Veon Bell. Now…well, things may have changed ever so slightly.


Atlanta Falcons

One facepalm after another. The Falcons’ 2018 season has been full of moments the team and its fans would rather forget.


Carolina Panthers

Goodness. At the start of November Carolina looked like it might just be the team to beat in the NFC. Five losses later, things are looking quite a bit different.


New Orleans Saints

The Saints have been steamrolling folks. With an offense that’s darn-near unstoppable and a defense that’s getting after the quarterback, Brees might just be on his way to a second title after the regular season is over.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

FitzMagic energized the Bucs and their fans. They his magic fizzled out. Jameis Winston is still the same guy he was as a rookie. Just a bunch of sadness in Tampa Bay, and people are going to get fired soon enough.


Houston Texans

An 0-3 start seemed to doom the Texans. Deshaun Watson has no protection up front, either. Neither of those things has mattered all that much since an awful start, and the Texans have the look of a dangerous team come playoff time.


Indianapolis Colts

Captain Andrew Luck is back, and so are the Colts.

“What an altogether shocking development,” he said sarcastically.


Jacksonville Jaguars

The .gif speaks for itself.


Tennessee Titans

Tennessee keeps doing just enough to stay relevant. There’s a heck of a lot of grit on this roster, but it always seems like a surprise when the Titans come out on top.


Arizona Cardinals

Arizona’s offense is put-you-to-sleep awful. These Cardinals are the most boring team in the league right now.


Los Angeles Rams

The Chicago game notwithstanding, the Rams have an offense that was made for Hollywood. If they can take home-field advantage in the playoffs, they might be unstoppable.


San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco’s season ended when Jimmy Garoppolo’s did. The 49ers probably weren’t going to make the playoffs, regardless. But the loss of their franchise passer was a back-breaking blow.


Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks were supposed to be rebuilding this year. They were supposed to suck and miss the playoffs. Yeah, that’s not happening. They’re pretty fierce.


Denver Broncos

That Case Keenum signing is looking so bad now. The Broncos needed a quarterback and opted to take the cheap option. They’re regretting it now. So close, but yet so darn far away from contending.


Kansas City Chiefs

Every weekend Patrick Mahomes steps onto the field we are treated to some ridiculous feat of greatness. His exploits (like this) are redefining the quarterback position. And he’s still just a pup.


Los Angeles Chargers

Philip Rivers deserves a championship before he retires. This year’s Chargers squad appears to have that championship mettle. I really do want to believe.


Oakland Raiders

Nearly everything Jon Gruden has done since taking over as head coach of the Raiders has turned into a gigantic, laughable failure. The two huge trades the team pulled off look worse by the week, and Gruden just looks out of touch.


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