Dwight Howard Owns A Lot of Guns and Snakes

People pay a hefty sum of money for tickets to a Dwight Howard show, but that amount could double in price for tickets to his gun show. Okay, so that was a bad joke.

Still, Howard does possess a weird collection of snakes and guns. Twenty snakes and 50 guns to be specific.

Why does he need that amount of ammunition and serpents?


According to Bleacher Report’s Jared Zwerling, it’s a Texas thing:

Then there are Howard’s more exuberant activities, like riding around his neighborhood with his friends in his Can-Am Spyder three-wheeled bikes. He also likes going to the gun range—”It’s what you do in Texas,” he says—and he has about 10 different kinds in his collection encompassing more than 50 total, including shotguns, semiautomatics and handguns, such as one of his favorites, a gold-looking Desert Eagle pistol. He also collects, just for show, miniguns and bazookas.


Howard just has Bazookas laying around as collector’s items? When did we stop collecting safe things like stamps and baseball cards?

Needless to say, think twice before trying to rob him.

Photo: You Tube