Dwayne Bowe: Browns have ‘high-powered’ offense, will prove ‘doubters’ wrong

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Cleveland Browns receiver Dwayne Bowe cannot wait to prove “doubters” wrong about the explosive nature of the team’s offense.

Speaking with reporters on Saturday after finally returning to practice following a two-week absence with a hamstring injury , Bowe didn’t mince words about his view on the team’s “high-powered offense.”

“I’m very, very confident,” Bowe said, via Cleveland.com. “We have a talented core, our group. All it takes is time. We’ll let the doubters doubt. When we get on this field and work, we know what we’ve got as a team, the chemistry. When Week 1 comes around, we’re going to show a lot of doubters how a high-powered offense really moves.”

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised Bowe is touting this offense. Remember, he recently said Josh McCown is potentially a top-five quarterback in the NFL, that Terrelle Pryor would make the team and that his own career was going to take off again after a few flagging campaigns in Kansas City.

I have a chance to revitalize myself,” Bowe said back in late March.  “Just sit back and watch.”

We’ll give Bowe the benefit of the doubt and say one of those three assertions may not be completely impossible. Pryor could, indeed, make the roster, based on the fact that the Browns don’t feature a deep nor dynamic receiving corps.

As for the rest of it, he’s, shall we say, optimistic?

Cleveland’s offense is anything but high-powered. Sure, McCown has looked serviceable in two preseason games, but he’s not exactly pushing the ball downfield, nor do the Browns have any receivers that scare defenses in this way.

Nobody should expect the Browns to feature anything “high-powered” this year. Cleveland will be ugly to watch on offense, and Bowe isn’t likely to return to his 2010 form. He hasn’t come close to matching that season’s outstanding production any year since, and at the age of 30, with his history of injuries, it’s clear his best days are behind him.

The best chance the Browns have of featuring even a mediocre offense this upcoming season will be to let Duke Johnson loose in the running game and feature him often on swing passes and screens. Throw in Isaiah Crowell, Terrance West and a really good offensive line and you have yourself an offense that can at least grind out wins.

Unless Bowe is a prophet and sees a Johnny Manziel revival in Cleveland this fall, then the Browns will be nothing more than ordinary in 2015.