Off-Duty LAPD Officer in Critical Condition After Being Beaten at Angels Game

According to ABC7 News in Los Angeles, an off-duty LAPD officer was severely beaten after the Angels Game 2 loss to the Kansas City Royals on Friday night.

The incident occurred in the parking lot at Angel Stadium at around 10:30 p.m. Friday night. According to the report, the Angels are cooperating with LAPD investigators as the unidentified man is being treated at the UCI Medical Center in Orange County.

The 43-year-old man is also said to be a United States Marine veteran. And apparently, the attack had nothing to do with a rivalry between Royals and Angels fans.

Eywitness testimony tells a story of an unprovoked attack of an innocent fan, which can make any person with a heart feel sick to his/her stomach. This report comes from two teenage girls who were on hand for the attack. 

This man started running towards another, and just started beating this guy. He had two punches, the guy went down, he was out cold, and then he started beating his face really bad on the pavement. He continued to punch him while he was on the ground, and that’s what got me a little bit upset and a little bit scared. When he had ran a few steps away and came back, I started to get even more worried. Is he going to come after me and my mom, or go to anyone around, a witness?

The witness continued…

He wasn’t breathing, so we went down to try to help, and we were trying to call someone to help. No one was coming, so he started turning purple.

The unidentified man is currently battling for his life. While the news outlet refuses to release his name, he is said to have three children and was with a bystander, who was not harmed, at the time of the attack.

It’s possible that this was a targeted attack directed at a LAPD officer, which could add another disgusting piece of information as it relates to the motivation of the attacker.

Here is to hoping the victim undergoes a full recovery and whoever attacked him is apprehended as soon as possible.

Photo: ABC7.com