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WATCH: Dumb penalty by Falcons on Tom Brady leads to TD for Pats

Tom Brady

Early in the second quarter Sunday night, the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons were locked up at 0-0 when Tom Brady threw an interception to Robert Alford in the end zone. But instead of the Falcons taking possession on offense, the play was negated by a dumb personal foul penalty on Adrian Clayborne, who took a shot at Brady after he released the ball.

Clayborne launched, helmet first, into Brady’s head/neck area. This is a no-no that every defender knows is a no-no. It’s something they’re being told constantly is a no-no, yet Clayborne couldn’t resist the chance to take a big shot on Mr. Big Shot, Tom Brady himself.

After getting a second lease on life offensively, the Patriots scored the game’s first touchdown two plays later to go up, 7-0.

That’s gonna leave a mark.