Drew Rosenhaus: ‘There are teams interested’ in Johnny Manziel

By Jesse Reed

Drew Rosenhaus has been privately speaking with teams about new client Johnny Manziel, and he says “there are teams interested” in the embattled quarterback, per David Moore of SportsDay.

Of course, Rosenhaus wouldn’t say which teams are interested in Manziel, which isn’t surprising.

“I’m not talking much about him at this point publicly,” Rosenhaus said. “I’m really just here talking to teams privately.

“You know, a lot of his life and career is public, so from the business side we’re going to try and keep that more behind the scenes.”

Because misinformation is the currency of the trade, it’s hard to know if Manziel’s agent is being honest or not about any interest from NFL teams.

With a pending grand jury verdict hanging over his head regarding alleged domestic abuse charges, no team would want its name attached to Manziel at this point.

On top of that, the quarterback hasn’t stopped partying since the day the grand jury was announced. He’s been all over the country, showing up at countless bars and clubs, with a TMZ crew following his every move.

Clearly, neither the charges levied against him or his up-in-flames football career are his first priority right now.

Still, because of his God-given talent, Manziel could potentially have some teams intrigued. One team that isn’t interested at this time is the Cowboys, who have said they need to see a real change in his behavior in order to consider signing him to a contract.

At this point, that’s the right stance for any team to take. Manziel has a real problem that he must address, and any team that signed him before he does address it is just asking for trouble.