Drew Brees Paddling Saints Teammates Into Shape Before Training Camp

So many times in life it’s the unorthodox things that make all the difference.

Drew Brees is hoping an unorthodox training method will pay dividends for himself and his New Orleans Saints teammates.

The All-Pro quarterback is hosting an off-the-books training session this summer in San Diego, California, per NBC San Diego’s Mark Mullen:

“…Brees and other teammates are barefoot on a small, secluded beach going through sweat-drenched drills that have them sprinting, jumping and doing push-ups in the sand to the sounds of the surf, seagulls and the piercing screams of encouragement from the trainers.”

The players are also taking some time to learn the sport of stand-up paddle boarding, which is much harder than it looks.

“It will make the most athletic people feel pretty stupid! Anytime you are having to just balance on the water, it’s a different animal,” Brees said.

As part of the camaraderie such a venture surely breeds, this group activity promotes extreme competition between elite athletes.

“They got the hang of it pretty quick,” Brees said, “but then it becomes who can stay on the longest? Who can race to a buoy the fastest? Who can knock each other off just messing around, having fun?”

One can only imagine the hell those guys are raising as they raise the bar for one another in a quest to see who is the top dog.

The benefits of cross-training have long been utilized by pro athletes.

This particular activity, however, is still under the radar. However, given the intense workout it provides to core muscles, and given how important balance is to NFL players, perhaps it won’t be long until paddle boarding spreads as a fun alternative method of training.

The Saints are undergoing a big season of change in 2015, especially on the offensive side of the ball after a disappointing 2014 campaign. Long gone are Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills, and in their places Brandin Cooks and C.J. Spiller will look to take on big roles.

Training camp is just a couple weeks away. Veterans must report on July 29, meaning the players will soon trade sand and surf for blood, sweat and tears.

Photo Credit:Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports