Draymond Green’s mom says officials were paid off in Game 4

Draymond Green
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green’s mom isn’t well loved by the fans in Cleveland, and her tweet Friday night won’t change that at all. As the Cleveland Cavaliers were beating the Golden State Warriors, getting a few of the big calls in their favor, Mary Babers, Green’s mother, tweeted the following message.

Interestingly enough, at this point in the game, the foul calls weren’t all that lopsided. Cleveland had been called for 18 fouls, while Golden State had been hit with 21.

No doubt, the NBA would love nothing more than to see this Finals series go longer than four games. But these officials aren’t getting paid off, folks. They’re doing the best they can in a very tense environment in which both teams are fighting their hearts out and sometimes breaking the rules in the process.