Draymond Green: Stephen Curry should go on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

By Jesse Reed

Draymond Green is a big fan of Stephen Curry’s sweet footwork. Heck, anyone who’s a fan of good basketball has to love the moves Curry puts on defenders. He’s one of the most gifted, entertaining and imaginative players on the NBA when it comes to creating his own shot, and he’s pretty amazing off the dribble, too.

Speaking about Curry’s abilities, Green brought up the popular show, “Dancing With The Stars.”

“He’s fast with the ball, but he’s not the fastest guy in the world,” Green said, per Melissa Rohlin of the San Jose Mercury News. “And he’s pretty strong, but he’s not the strongest guy in the world. But his footwork is so good, that for what speed he may not have, it makes him way faster because of how good his footwork is…He should go on Dancing With The Stars.”

For his part, Curry isn’t having any of it. In fact, he heard Green’s comment, per the report, and broke out laughing. Afterward, at the podium himself, he made his stance clear.

“I will not take Draymond’s advice and go on Dancing with the Stars, I’ll just keep shooting jump shots,” Curry said.

So far, Curry’s focus on basketball seems to be working out pretty well for him and the Golden State Warriors. Since returning from his ankle injury, Curry has been unbelievably hot. He’s averaging 35.2 points, 5.6 rebounds, 5.6 assists and 1.4 steals per game.

Keep shooting jumpers, Stephen, and we’ll continue to watch in awe.