Drake announced as host of first-ever NBA Awards show in New York

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA is changing up the way it announces its awards winners with a huge televised show that will take place on June 26, after the 2017 NBA Draft and the NBA Finals have concluded. As a way to hype this first-time event, the NBA announced that hip hop and R&B legend Drake will host the extravaganza.

Drake is well known for his love of basketball, though his allegiance to any specific team is always hilariously questionable. The Canadian rapper isĀ also the “global ambassador” of the Toronto Raptors, so he has direct ties to the NBA.

NBA fans might be frustrated about having to wait until the end of June to hear who won the major awards for the NBA season. We’ve gone over that in a bit of detail, noting that the times, they are a’changing and it’s best to just hop on board the express train to the future.

Clearly, the NBA is pulling out all the stops to ensure this transition is embraced by its target audience. We look forward to seeing what type of production Turner pulls off when it’s all said and done.