Donald Trump threatens Cubs owners for ‘secretly spending’ money against him

Donald Trump pretty much has a strong opinion about everything and everyone who opposes him these days, and he spouts them often via his popular Twitter account. Monday morning he took aim against the Ricketts family, owners of the Chicago Cubs, after saying they “secretly” spend money against him:

One wonders if Trump has a warehouse where he stores dirt on anyone of power. If so, he might want to hire a spell-checker, as the file for Ricketts (with two ‘t’s) needs to be updated.

This is an odd claim, meaning it’s vintage Trump, whose words often fail to make sense to anyone but himself and those who appreciate the fact that he “speaks his mind.” Trump can say whatever he wants, and there will always be a sector that eats it up.

Likely, Thomas S. Ricketts isn’t shaking in his boots over this not so subtle threat, though. Also, in America, people are free to donate to whomever they choose, and we’re not sure why he or any member of his family would need to spend money “secretly” against Trump.

Whatever. Vote for Trump?