Rams’ Dominique Easley: ‘I’m not putting my kids in football’

By Jesse Reed
Courtesy of Troy Taormina, USA Today Sports

Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman Dominique Easley has no intention of letting his own children play the game of football.

Speaking with The Breakfast Club (105.1 FM in New York), Easley revealed he wants his kids to go straight into baseball, instead.


“I’m not putting my kids in football. It’s a different game nowadays, like when we were growing up it was fun. Nowadays it’s just too much of a business. I feel like you stop having fun when you get out of some colleges, but mostly high school. Nowadays they are changing the game and there’s too many rules. My kids are going straight to baseball. If it’s something they want to do, I can’t stop them. I am just going to try to keep the footballs out of the house.”

A first-round pick of the New England Patriots in 2014, Easley was released by the club this offseason and signed a one-year deal with the Rams. There are rumblings that he has some rather troubling knee problems, though we’ll find out soon enough if there is any truth to those rumors.

Easley started just two games for New England in his first two years in the NFL. Entering the 2016 season, it’s hard to imagine he will see much time on the field, as the Rams feature one of the most talented and deep defensive lines in the NFL.