Dolphins’ Kenny Stills has amusing comment following blowout loss to the Patriots

By Michael Dixon

Following a Week 12 loss to the New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins receiver Kenny Stills boasted about talking trash to Tom Brady all game.

“I just was hollering at him all game,” Stills said following the game, per Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports Boston. “We feel like if we can get in his head, that’s the best way to try and win this game. I was trying to do my part.”

Interesting take.

It’s not that there’s nothing to what Stills is saying. Brady did throw four touchdown passes. But for his standards, the rest of his day was rather modest. He finished 18-for-28 for only 227 yards, and even threw an interception.

On the other hand, Stills’ wording can use some work.

He probably shouldn’t announce that this was the best way to win the game. Because despite Brady’s interception and average yardage total, the Patriots won the game 35-17. At no point did the game’s outcome feel remotely in doubt.

Stills did add that Brady seemed to enjoy it.

“I enjoy being out here, I love playing football, I love playing against the Patriots and every Sunday getting an opportunity to play,” he said, per Curran. “I did everything I could to mess with him and get in his head. I talked to him after the game. He hears me. He’s laughing. We’re all just having a good time.”

Stills and his Dolphins will get one more chance at Brady. Miami will host New England on December 11.