Doc Rivers not happy about Kevin Durant joining the Warriors

Clippers, Doc Rivers

Pot meet kettle. Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers seems to have a short memory. Less than a decade after his old Boston Celtics squad won the NBA title following the acquisitions of Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, Rivers is now speaking out against Kevin Durant’s decision to join the Golden State Warriors.

And it’s pretty glorious.

“It is tough when you see a guy join a team — in Durant’s case what he did this year. That was tough for anybody, anybody’s that’s competitive, to watch. He lost, and then he joined, the current Clippers coach told ESPN’s Mike & Mike (h/t Sporting News). “Having said that, it was his choice, I have no problem with him, but it’s something from a competitive standpoint, you would think you wouldn’t do.”

To be fair to Rivers and his old Celtics squad, both Garnett and Allen came via trades. Even then, it seems absurd that Rivers himself would speak out on Durant signing with the Warriors as a free agent. He should be one of those individuals to hold their toungues on such a hot-button topic.

With all that said, Rivers did qualify his statement a bit.

“I have no problem with him doing it, it’s just something from a competitive point, for me, I guess when I played it would have been tough for me to join Detroit,” Rivers continued. “Having said that, he has the ability to do it, guys are doing it, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

That’s also fine and dandy. But Rivers wouldn’t have made the impact that Durant has with the Warriors. His team is heading to its third straight NBA Finals and are the odds-on favorites to win a second title in three seasons.

There’s been a lot of talk about whether Durant joining the Warriors was a good thing for the NBA. It ultimately led to the team boasting a 12-0 record in an less-than-competitive Western Conference Playoffs. But Rivers is pretty much one of the individuals that shouldn’t open his mouth about it.