Dirk Koetter: ‘I wish I wasn’t on’ HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’

Dirk Koetter isn't a fan of all the Hard Knocks questions

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter enjoys HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” So, you think he’d be thrilled that his team was recently chosen for 2017’s version of the show.

Then again, maybe not.

“I like watching the show,” he said, per Roy Cummings of Florida Football Insiders. “I just wish I wasn’t on it.”

Cummings later clarified that Koetter’s issue isn’t so much with his team being featured, but with himself being mic’d up.

But from another perspective, this season is ideal, if your team must be featured on the show.

The head coach featured in 2016, Jeff Fisher — Mr. “I’m not *expletive* going 7-9” — set the bar pretty darn low. As it turned out, Fisher did not go 7-9. He went 4-9 before getting fired.

This isn’t exactly like taking the reigns from Bill Belichick in New England. Koetter may not like the idea of constant cameras and microphones around him. But he can rest easy knowing that he’s got such an easy act to follow.