DIRECTV jacking up prices for NFL Sunday Ticket…again

By Michael Dixon

Fans who enjoy watching the NFL on DIRECTV will do so at an increased price in 2018. The provider it’s raising its costs for the 2018 season.

“DIRECTV has raised the 2018 pre-season price on its most popular NFL Sunday Ticket package by 4.2 percent,” Phillip Swan, the TV Answer Man! wrote. “The satcaster, which is now taking orders for the 2018 season, has priced the basic Sunday Ticket package at $293.94, compared to the 2017 pre-season price of $281.94.”

The costs are going to go up even more for the Sunday Ticket Max plan. It will go from $377.94 to $395.94 which, as Swann noted, is a 4.7 percent increase.

Making matters even more notable is that in 2016, the basic plan cost $257.94.

Of course, that creates another question. If it’s raised this much in two years, what is the cost going to be in 2019 and 2020? Time will tell.