Dez Bryant Tweets About Contract Status and Slams “Selfish” Talk

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant finally broke his silence following reports last Friday of a possible planned absence during the team’s season-opener.

Bryant took to Twitter to share his thoughts:

Bryant specifically addressed those who claim he is being “selfish” for skipping OTAs and minicamp.

The receiver’s comment about not complaining for five years is interesting. Why would he have ever complained during his tenure with the Cowboys? He really makes it sound as if he spared us a lot of drama along the way. And, if Bryant wanted drama, he certainly has created it now by staying away from minicamp and stating that he might not join the Cowboys for the Week 1 game.

Bryant has yet to sign off on his $12.8 million franchise tender that must be addressed prior to the July 15 deadline. At this point, without a long-term contract in place and both parties on opposite sides of the sparring field, Bryant’s only choices are to join his team so that he gets paid or sit out and collect nothing.

I’m sure Bryant’s two tweets won’t be the only ones he pops off as the weeks count down to the start of the Cowboys’ training camp. For now, the Cowboys claim they are not worried about Bryant’s holdout, which is essentially their way of showing they don’t plan on backing down to Bryant’s threats.

We’ll see whose strategy pays off soon enough.

Photo: USA Today Sports