Detroit Lions finally decide to feature cheerleaders

By Rachel Wold
Jeff Hanish, USA Today Sports

Realizing that adult men will no longer come out to watch a losing team play, the Detroit Lions have finally decided to offer some entertainment to their fans.

According to Gil Brandt of, the Lions will be featuring a cheerleading squad for what appears will be the first time since becoming an NFL franchise in 1934.

After the departure of their best player on the league, Calvin Johnson, the Lions appear to taking drastic measures to ensure that fan attendance doesn’t tank in 2016.

With the Lions adding to the large list of NFL franchises who feature cheerleaders, this leaves only six teams (the Bills, Bears, Browns, Packers, Giants and Steelers) that don’t feature cheerleaders.

Hopefully some increased team spirit will help the Lions improve on the seven wins accomplished in 2015 in order to give them a fighting chance to survive within the NFC North.

And as expected with Lions’ release of this news, the reactions on social media were quite priceless.