Former Detroit Lions WR Titus Young Hospitalized

Former Detroit Lions wide receiver, Titus Young’s trial will once again be delayed due to treatment he is undergoing in a Los Angeles-area facility.

Per USA Today,

He’s receiving treatment and is in a safe place, Young’s attorney, Brian Hurwitz, said, after a brief court hearing, at which Young was ordered to appear for another pre-trial hearing June 5.

The cause for the hospitalization doesn’t appear to be disclosed at this time, however according to Young’s father, his son had been treated in the past for a mental disorder.

To refresh our memories, Young was arrested last year in Orange County, California for burglary and he faces 11 charges which includes four charges for felony burglary. Young has pled not guilty to these charges.


This isn’t exactly the face of the NFL. Young, from Boise State, had promise as a wide receiver for the Lions, but behavioral problems with the team eventually led to his release just two years into his career.

Reported by Young’s attorney Hurwitz, he would like to reach an agreement with the Orange County district attorney prior to the case going to trial.

Just to keep count, I honestly don’t know which number is higher, the amount of times Young has been in the hospital, or has been arrested at the youthful age of 24.

Photo: Raj Mehta, USA Today Sports