Details emerge in Joey Porter arrest

Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebackers coach Joey Porter was arrested at a bar Saturday¬†night after the team’s victory over the Miami Dolphins. Now the police report of the incident that led to his arrest has been made public, which, if true, could land the former player in some hot water.

According to “Officer Abel,” who was on the scene when Porter allegedly assaulted the doorman at Mario’s South Side Saloon in Pittsburgh, Porter had¬†a “strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his mouth and glassy, bloodshot eyes.”

These qualities were observed by the officer after he had allegedly witnessed Porter lifting said doorman, Jon Neskow, off the ground after Neskow refused to let Porter into the bar. Per the report, Neskow told Porter he wasn’t being let into the establishment because “Last time you were here, you threatened to kill me. You need to leave.”

Porter allegedly was yelling at Neskow while the doorman continued to stand his ground when Officer Abel approached Porter. When the officer placed his hands on Porter’s chest to remove him from Neskow, Porter allegedly grabbed both of his wrists and pinned his arms so strongly that the police officer could not free himself, and he believed Porter was going to cause him serious injury.

This isn’t a good look for Porter, who was also arrested for DUI back in 2010, though the charges were eventually dropped.

Porter’s Steelers have a road game against the Kansas City Chiefs in less than a week in the AFC’s Divisional Round. Needless to say, distractions like this aren’t a welcome development.