DeSean Jackson upset Philly fans booed him: ‘Not my decision to leave’

DeSean Jackson would be a great fit in Tampa Bay

Former Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson was booed soundly when the Washington Redskins visited the City of Brotherly Love last Saturday, which is confusing to him because he never wanted to leave in the first place.

Speaking with Washington media Monday, he admitted it was “disturbing” to hear the boo-birds directing their ire at him.

“It’s disturbing to come back and get the boos from the crowd and the fans because it’s not my decision to leave,” Jackson said, via the Washington Times. “Chip Kelly released me. Knowing what I did for the city, in the community and things like that, I put my heart into it. That part is frustrating, but it doesn’t get any better than coming in here and winning and putting them out. That guy over there, he was the coach. He made the decision, but I’m happy to be where I’m at, and we’re having a lot of success over here.”

Regardless of your personal opinion of Jackson, he’s correct on all counts here, including his last point, which is that Washington is having a lot of success.

Winners of three in a row and four of the last five games, Washington has already cliched the NFC East, and the division-clinching game came against Jackson’s former team, the Eagles. No doubt, this was extra sweet for Jackson, who aimed a bit of his post-game celebrations at remaining Eagles fans on Saturday night.

Battling through injuries this year, Jackson is also having some success as quarterback Kirk Cousins’ preferred big-play receiver. While he wasn’t a huge factor against his former team in Week 16 (four catches, 40 yards), he’s come on strong in the second half to score four touchdowns in the past six games.