Derek Carr took less money to help Raiders sign Gabe Jackson

Derek Carr

Earlier in June the Oakland Raiders rewarded quarterback Derek Carr for all of his hard work. They made him the richest NFL player to date, signing him to a whopping five-year, $125 million contract.

Just one week later, Oakland took care of guard Gabe Jackson by signing him to a generous five-year, $56 million deal.

According to this latest piece of news, it looks like Carr was looking out for Jackson, and took less money so the Raiders could do both deals.

We are not sure exactly how much less money Carr accepted. The $25 million per year he will now earn is a huge number. The contract particulars likely boiled down to incentives and guarantees.

In the end, Carr taking into account his teammate’s considerations is just classy all-around.

We are talking about a quarterback whose biggest splurge, now that he is earning big-boy bucks, is dropping cash at “Chick-fil-A.”

As for Jackson, he was selected one round behind Carr in the 2014 draft. He has done an excellent job keeping his quarterback protected. This time around it was Carr who had Jackson’s back.