Derek Carr played good Samaritan to stranded motorist who ran out of gas

Ron Reeser will never forget the encounter he had with Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, who helped him out after he’d ran out of gas on the road.

In one of the coolest stories you’ll read all day, Carr saw Reeser walking with gas can in hand, picked him up, drove him to the gas station and ministered to the stranded motorist, who was clueless to Carr’s identity until the last minute.

As passed along by Frank Somerville of KTVU, Reeser, a local DJ and music producer, gave a full account of the exchange and said, “Not only was that experience surreal, I will always remember that for the rest of my life.”

We pull up to the gas station I fill up the can, hop back in his truck and I ask him what position he plays.

He says, “I’m a quarterback.”

“What string” I ask.

“1st string” he says.

So I ask him what his favorite team is and he replies, “Well I’m a little biased cause I play for the Raiders…”

I pause for a second and say no shit, what’s your name…

“Derek Carr…”

At this point I was a little speechless, and couldn’t believe the situation I was in, let alone someone like him was that generous.

But it doesn’t stop there…

We pulled up to my car, I shook his hand, exchanged contact info and thanked him for his help.

He paused and asked me, “is there anything you’d like to pray for before I go?’

I grew up catholic and couldn’t pass at the opportunity, so I mentioned 3 things.

He replied “Can I pray for you?”

He placed his right hand on my left shoulder and we said a prayer together…

Thanks Derek Carr, I needed that.

It’s pretty phenomenal that, not only did Carr help Reeser out, show him kindness in that moment, but he also exchanged contact information with him and kept the door open for further communication. That’s the type of down-to-earth sports superstar he is, though he’s certainly not the only one.