Denver Broncos look to be Kyle Shanahan’s top choice

Kyle Shanahan oversaw ┬áthe NFL’s best offense in 2016. Naturally, the Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator is one of the more highly sought-after names on the head coaching market.

But according to a report, Shanahan has his eyes set on a job familiar to him and his family — the Denver Broncos.

“The word around the league right now, the word with people in coaching searches in gathering all of this information, is that that’s the job that Shanahan has his eyes on — going to Denver where his father coached,” Mike Garofolo of the NFL Network said.

This makes a great deal of sense.

Of the teams currently looking to fill a head-coaching vacancy, the Broncos are by far in the best position to win in 2017. Denver missed the playoffs in 2016, but turned in five straight AFC West titles before that. Additionally, the Broncos are only one year removed from winning a Super Bowl.

Shanahan is also familiar with the team. While he never coached for Denver, he went to high school in the area while his father, Mike Shanahan, was the Broncos’ head coach. Under the elder Shanahan, Denver won two Super Bowls.

The Broncos also need a sizable offensive upgrade. A fledgling offense kept Denver from a sixth straight playoff appearance in 2016. While the Broncos don’t have stars like Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, the cupboard isn’t exactly bare with perimeter weapons like Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.

It makes sense that he’d want that job. Given Shanahan’s track record, it makes sense that the Broncos would want him, as well.