Dennis Rodman endorses Donald Trump for President

By Rachel Wold

Real estate mogul Donald Trump has been losing credibility as fast as the speed of sound ever since he announced his candidacy to run for President of the United States.

Trump burned many bridges when multiple major entities cut ties with him after he made racist and inappropriate remarks about Mexican immigrants.

Not to worry though, because Trump has “friend” in former NBA player Dennis Rodman.

Here’s is a sticky sweet conversation the two had on Twitter.

The pair’s friendship dates back to Rodman’s 2013 appearance on Trump’s television reality show “Celebrity Apprentice.” Trump backed up his friend when Rodman visited North Korea as a diplomat to meet with Dictator Kim Jong Un.

Trump spoke in favor of the trip and referred to Rodman as “smart.”

“Dennis is not a stupid guy. He’s smart in many ways; he’s very street-wise,” he told Fox News (h/t You look at the world, the world is blowing up around us. Maybe Dennis is a lot better than what we have.”

The recent conversation has obviously drawn tons of attention. This is one example of someone definitely not on board with Rodman’s endorcement.

I think we might have an idea as to who the Donald may invite to be his vice presidential running mate. Imagine that combination.

Photo: Sports Grid