DeMarcus Ware shops 60-percent off sale at Sports Authority: ‘Yes, I’m cheap’

Courtesy of USA Today

If anyone knows a good sale, it is linebacker DeMarcus Ware of the Denver Broncos.

Ware proudly posted this mini video of him scoping out the merchandise marked 30-to 60-percent off at Sports Authority.

No shame was to be found here when Ware captioned his video post with this.

“Nothing wrong with 60% off @SportsAuthority. Guess I’ll shop for the fam. Yes, I’m cheap. #SackNSave ?”

It looks like Ware’s family will be getting some name-brand athletic shoes and clothing this year for Christmas. Sadly for those who enjoyed shopping at Sports Authority, the company recently announced its bankruptcy and the shut down of possibly all of its stores.

Obviously Ware doesn’t need to penny-pinch with his average $10 million per year salary. But this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get the same thrill we do when taking advantage of a killer sale.

Besides, a good way to hold on to all that money is to make wise investments. Perhaps Ware is actually more savvy than he is thrifty.