DeMarcus Ware on His Career: “I’ve Got Many Years Left”

A former first-round pick of the Dallas Cowboys back in 2005, DeMarcus Ware found himself playing with the Denver Broncos this past season. Despite his advanced age, Ware seems to think he has a lot left in the tank.

While the pass rusher did manage 10 sacks last season, he only put up three in the second half of the year and was nearly invisible during the Broncos’ playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

Speaking up about his physical condition moving forward, the 33-year-old Ware denied that his body is taking a turn downhill (via the Denver Post).

No. Not at all. I’ve got many years left,” Ware Said. “Yes, I was able to get through last season, but I wasn’t able to do everything like this offseason. This year, I feel like I’m solid. I can build the bulk. Now after you have those six games and you have all those plays, you know you’re ready for six more, and then six more. Because you’re just that much more in shape.

I’m doing things right now I could never do before,” Ware said. I’m benching 315 fifteen times. Power cleaning 405 four or five times. I’m still vertical jumping 38 (inches). My body has matured.

While Ware’s sacks (10) and his tackles (37) were up from his career-low 2013 season in Dallas, they are still far below his all-time high of 20 sacksĀ back in 2008.

He’s going to have to put up a stellar year if the Broncos are going to meet their expectations of earning another trip to the Super Bowl. If Ware’s stance on his own physical ability is any indication, the team will be just fine.

Photo: USA Today Images