DeMarcus Cousins sees double standard between himself and Draymond Green

Courtesy of USA Today Images

DeMarcus Cousins and Draymond Green are viewed by most in NBA circles in two completely different lights.

Green is viewed by many as a firecracker who represents the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors, as Carmichael Dave of 1140 AM in Sacramento put it on Twitter, while Cousins is typically viewed in a vastly different light as a member of the Sacramento Kings.

This is a perspective Cousins agrees with, based on his response to the radio host’s Twitter message.

Of course, this very moment might not be the right time to try and draw these comparisons, based on Green’s past two games. He kicked Steven Adams in the groin in Game 2 and then again in Game 3, He is facing a potential suspension for the second one, which was initially ruled a Flagrant 1.

The fact remains, though, that Cousins and Green are remarkably similar in temperament and are both prone to emotional explosions on the court.

The biggest difference between the two is that Green plays for a winning team and Cousins has been on a perennial loser. Hopefully for his sake, new head coach Dave Joerger will finally turn things around after a decade of losing in Sacramento.

Perhaps then Cousins’ emotional outbursts will be seen as a positive, based on his passion for the game, rather than a negative.