DeMarco Murray is ‘very emotionless’ about facing the Dallas Cowboys

Philadelphia Eagles running back DeMarco Murray will meet his former Dallas Cowboys team face-to-face this Sunday.

Whether or not the Cowboys harbor any ill feelings about Murray’s departure, it is quite clear by Murray’s words that he doesn’t see this divisional showdown the prime opportunity to sock it to his former team:

“Not at all,” Murray said, per’s Phil Sheridan. “Not from my end, at least. This is a true business. I’m very emotionless when it comes to a lot of things, especially the business side. I understand the business aspect of the NFL. It’s all about finding guys who are right for your system.”

Content with his new team and surroundings, Murray continued:

“I feel like I’m here and this is the best place for me. This is where I want to be and this is the team that wanted me.”

It’s nice to see a player take the high road especially after all Murray contributed to the Cowboys offense in 2014, leading the NFL with 392 carries and 1,845 rushing yards. Murray was basically run into the ground, then let go when the Cowboys didn’t offer him the money he was seeking.

Hopefully Murray builds on his shallow Week 1 stats, where he managed only nine rushing yards on eight attempts.

As for Murray’s nonchalant attitude, there is a certain former Philly running back who could take a hint or two about keeping it classy. Looking at you, LeSean McCoy.