Dell Curry apologizes to hotel neighbor for celebrating Stephen Curry’s game-winner

By Jesse Reed
Feb 14, 2015; New York, NY, USA; Team Curry legend Dell Curry (left) and Team Curry guard Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors (30, right) celebrate during the 2015 NBA All Star Shooting Stars competition at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Every parent who has watched their child compete in sports knows the thrill that comes from seeing them pull off feats of greatness. Even though Dell Curry has seen Stephen Curry make and take huge shots throughout his entire career, he still went nuts watching his son drain a 32-footer at the buzzer to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in overtime Saturday night.

During Sunday’s Charlotte Hornets game against the Atlanta Hawks, Curry, who is a color commentator, let it be known he was less than quiet celebrating in his hotel room Saturday night.

Here is the proud papa apologizing to whomever was in the room next to him late in the evening when he went crazy watching that incredible shot drop.

And for those who may have missed what all the hubbub is about, here is the younger Curry draining that shot to win the game as the clock wound down.

To be fair to Dell, everyone watching that game who wasn’t a Thunder fan went crazy, too. You just don’t see stuff like this every day. Well, Warriors fans do, but the rest of us aren’t so fortunate.