Deion Sanders Crushes Justin Beiber in Epic Lip Sync Battle

Deion Sanders has always been a phenomenal entertainer, and he used his skills to take down Justin Beiber in an epic lip sync battle on Thursday night.

The battle, hosted by LL Cool J on Spike, featured Beiber hamming it up to “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” while Sanders rocked out to “Play That Funky Music.”

Here’s the video:


Beiber’s rendition had its moments, and the young women in the audience predictably ate it up. But his ballad couldn’t compete with the show Sanders put on a few minutes later.

Using the full magnitude of his magnetic personality, Sanders pumped up the crowd and stole the show.

Predictably, after winning the battle, Sanders threw a little bit of shade Beiber’s way, saying, “Now you understand why they call me “Prime Time.”


We’re just happy Beiber didn’t win.

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports