DeAndre Jordan Publicly Apologizes to Mark Cuban, Mavericks

Courtesy of USA Today Images

The entire DeAndre Jordan fiasco that played out Wednesday came to a conclusion shortly after midnight east coast time on Thursday resulting in the center returning to the Los Angeles Clippers after verbally committing to the Dallas Mavericks. It brought on some hurt feelings from both sides, a few media-related spats and one great emoji war.

Now, a couple days removed from all that drama, cooler heads seem to be prevailing. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has now addressed the Jordan situation publicly, at least as it relates specifically to the player changing his mind. On the other hand, Jordan just recently communicated with Cuban and the Mavericks for what appears to be the first time…on social media.

You read that right, Jordan apologized to the owner and the franchise via Twitter:

We know this won’t play well with the trolls on social media, but at least Jordan attempted to clear the air. It still would have shown a bit more professionalism if he had handled the situation as a mature by actually communicating with Dallas during the drama on Wednesday.

Photo: USA Today Sports