DeAndre Jordan Officially Re-Signs with the Clippers

By Vincent Frank

A day that started with an all-out emoji war between NBA players that would make any teenager proud has concluded with DeAndre Jordan officially turning down the Dallas Mavericks in an about-face that brings him back to the Los Angeles Clippers on a max deal.

If you have been hiding under a rock (or working) all day, you might not understand the extent of this story. In reality, it could set a precedent for players to renege on verbal free agent commitments around the NBA.

Entering Wednesday, it seemed that DeAndre Jordan was taking his talents to Dallas. However, circumstances quickly changed amid reports that the Clippers were making one last-ditch effort to retain the stalwart defender. Those reports morphed into suggestions that Jordan himself had a change of heart over the weekend after initially committing to the Mavericks.

But when the clock struck midnight Thursday morning on the east coast, Jordan had officially signed a four-year max deal to return to Southern California.

The Clippers made this a fact on social media shortly after midnight back east:

One of the strangest days in NBA offseason history has officially come to an end. And while the Clippers are more than excited to have Jordan return, Dallas finds itself in the unenviable position of attempting what could be a lengthy rebuilding process.

Photo: USA Today Sports