DeAndre Hopkins takes 17 underprivileged kids on holiday shopping spree

DeAndre Hopkins
Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is feeling the holiday spirit, especially after he garnered a season-high 17 targets in his last game. The same game that saw his much-maligned quarterback Brock Osweiler get benched for Tom Savage.

Perhaps this is what prompted him to take 17 underprivileged kids on a shopping spree at Champ Sports in Memorial City Mall.

What an awesome gesture from Hopkins, who spent nearly $7,000 in merchandise. The receipt here in this photo certainly proves he let those children pick out a bunch of loot.

We can be sure those kids will be enjoying arriving to school in some cool new sneakers, hoodies, hats and so forth.

And, for once this season, Hopkins himself has reason to smile as it pertains to his play on the field. He finally was the featured target in the Texans offense for the first time in weeks. Hopkins evolved into his elite self and looked like a natural catching passes from Tom Savage. He finished the game with eight receptions and 87 yards.

Luckily for Hopkins, the Texans have decided to start Savage once again in Week 16. Houston will be competing to keep its tie lead in the AFC South when the Texans play in their second-to-last game of the year.