Father of De’Aaron Fox says six hours a day of ‘NBA2K’ a big part of success

Some athletes practice obsessively. Others spend all day watching film or fixating on the ball going through the hoop. De’Aaron Fox’s secret to success, however, is video games. Six hours a day, to be exact.

“He’d play that PlayStation, and he could master it in no time. He learned pick-and-rolls. He learned how to roll off a ball screen. I tell kids if they want to learn something about basketball, go put it on pro mode on 2K and let them play,” says his father, via Bleacher Report.

Fox’s way of learning is certainly unorthodox, but it undoubtedly worked. The freshman Kentucky point guard is averaging 15.5 points and 5.3 assists per game. He’s currently the eighth-best prospect on Draft Express’ big board and could go in the top-10 of June’s 2017 NBA Draft.

If NBA2K got him this far, there’s no point in stopping now.